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Aago is an integrative branding, marketing and communications consultancy. With an interdisciplinary approach, we research, empathise and analyse to uncover your human story and understand the customer insights and hard data of your business. Then we position your competitive difference, create a strong brand messaging platform, scale, expand and accelerate your market reach, and manage your company’s reputation – all whilst meeting your business goals and attracting grants and investment.

Years Corporate & Consulting Experience
Product-Launch Successes
Countries Managed
B2C; B2B; B2G Segments

Interdisciplinary Approach

We adopt an interdisciplinary approach to build your brand as a valuable asset, towards meeting your business and financial objectives.

Multiple-Industry Cross Sharing

Working with clients from multiple industries allows us to apply learnings across industries, with time and cost savings.

Corporate Best Practices

Adept at working with SMEs or MNCs, we adopt and adapt corporate best practices for the SME sectors.

Track Record in Brand Internationalization

With 20+ years experience launching brands in global markets, we have a track record in government-funded brand internationalization projects.

Certified for Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

We are a Certified Management Consultant recognised by Enterprise Singapore (ES) for ES-funded projects to help companies compete internationally. With 100% success rate in approvals for grant applications.

Practitioner’s Experience and Skills Transfer

As experienced brand and marketing practitioners, we bring real-world lessons into classrooms, speeding up acquisition of practicable skills.


With a work portfolio in industries ranging from artificial intelligence to virtual reality, to show you what we have done for some of our clients, let us transport you to places where you can hunt, along with the Emperor’s men for the reddest of mushrooms in a misty forest, swim with waving manatees in the waters surrounding a beautiful resort island in the Bijagos Archipelago, watch a 30-year old Peranakan legend transform herself on stage, buy a lucky apartment named “One Eighties” and pay for your purchases on the edgiest Fintech platform.

3R-evolution© Brand Approach

Whether we are naming your product, sharpening your positioning, creating your brand, conceptualizing your design, crafting your product "sell" messages or charting your consumers' experience, the foremost underlying strategy is distilling your uniqueness – both a science and an art. How you are differentiated and how that difference is communicated plays a critical role in how successful you will be in internationalizing your brand, commercializing your products and services, registering your IP and attracting government grants or equity investment. In this exercise to set you apart, we take a 3-step approach:


1. Whittle away to uncover your true self


2. Sharpen a singular message about your uniqueness


3. Let them fall in love with your brand


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