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Story of Strategos and Agos

More than a decade ago, we secured a client before we secured our name. Nice. After much name-storming which led nowhere, we eventually looked to the seminal Greek culture of long ago.

Inspired by “strategos”  (strategy) and “agos” (leader), we arrived at “Ago”. A preceding “A” seemed in good place – apart from getting us listed first on any alpha order listing – to connote the individual in us. And so, we are “Aago”, pronounced “Arago” as in Tolkein’s “Aragorn”, firm believers and advocates of strategy before anything else.

A Lettered-Logo Promise

The morphing letters, aago, of our logo encapsulates our brand promise of enabling change through evolution or revolution, retaining only the best of traits, so that brands emerge stronger and more distinct.


Jean Tan leads Aago Consulting, which she founded in 2008.

Having headed Brand, Business Strategy and Marketing in several financial institutions, she has franchised-managed 30 banks, initiated Asia-Pacific marketing, spearheaded global celebrity events, managed platinum bases, supported a 3000-strong sales force and executed customer future-value segmentation for a 350,000 base.

Her personal projects include co-producing, with New York Musical Festival, a musical presentation for the 2017 festival in NYC, securing artistes rights for and staging a rock concert for MTV award-winning US2004 top rock band Hoobastank and creating fashion label TIEN and retail products for Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts.


We celebrate being different and making a difference – whether it is a case of striving for market leadership for our clients or making time to cultivate the individual in us.

It is this revelry in diversity that inspires us to work with brands from far and wide.

Why Aago?

Interdisciplinary Approach

We adopt an interdisciplinary approach – research, data analysis, positioning, branding, marketing, communications, publicity – to ensure that these disciplines are strategically aligned, leveraged and optimised to build your brand as a valuable asset towards meeting your business and financial objectives.

Multiple-Industry Cross Sharing

Working with clients from multiple industries equips us with the ability to assess and compare the effectiveness of clients’ respective business models, digital marketing transformation processes and global distribution strategies and to apply learnings across industries – with time and cost savings.

Corporate Best Practices

Adept at working with SMEs or MNCs, we adopt and adapt corporate best practices for the SME sectors, appreciating well, the benefits and limitations of the matrix structures of MNCs whilst understanding how critical, agility is, for SMEs.

Track Record in Brand Internationalization

With 20+ years experience launching and managing MNC and SME brands in global markets, and a track record in government-funded brand internationalization projects, we are after all, our pathiasménos (means “passionate” in Greek) best when focussing international brands on Asia and expanding Asian brands internationally.

Certified for Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

We are a Certified Management Consultant recognised by Enterprise Singapore (ES) for ES-funded projects to help companies develop strong business foundations and strategies and better compete internationally by differentiating their brand, products & services. With 100% success rate in approvals for grant applications.

Practitioner’s Experience and Skills Transfer

Our ability as experienced brand and marketing practitioners to bring real-world lessons into classrooms where we train in individual-initiated or corporate-supported upskilling or reskilling for a new economy, speeds up the acquisition of practicable skills.