Foxing around in Virtual Reality

Aago proposed a few naming concepts but the one which was most compelling was that of “mutation”. After all, in virtual reality, you essentially assume a different persona – a kitty precipiced on the edge of Kilimanjaro, a Kabuki performer transforming on stage, a kitschy Keanu Reeves date. The naming rationale proposed by us was rooted in the concept of the “power of transformation”– through VR.

Based on this rationale, we ventured through land and sea for inspiration for names. And … hidden in the softest of snow, we spotted a snowy-white fox – who then darted from the snow towards the clear blue sky, morphed into a light blue shade,  and, when he noticed us spying on him, ran towards the rocky mountain side, transforming into a slate-blue hue. We found our Arctic Fox (thanks Sherman, and to the foxy Aago brand-naming skulk!).

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