Paving anew, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice

Whilst bent on trend-setting the age-old practice of TCM, with her holistic approach in embracing traditional as well as the most current TCM principles, medicinal and psychological techniques, our client, a Masters degree holder in TCM also valued the traditional virtues of mercy and everlasting that her Chinese brand name bore.

Aago unearthed the importance of nature’s role in sustaining this 5,000 year-old practice and looked to the sun and the earth to help tell a story of how a passionate young physician will make a difference, with everlasting compassion and a humble respect for the world she lives in.  

Weaving a Brand Story from a Circle, TCMTrend, 慈 and 恒

In the crafting of this brand story, the challenge was not so much the writing of the story  itself – it was the fact that we had to create a story concept from three brand elements already pre-determined by the client.

Firstly, the brand name in English – TCMTrend; secondly, the brand name in Chinese with two Chinese characters慈  and meaning “mercy” and “everlasting” respectively; and thirdly, a logo shape which had to be a circle (for feng shui reasons).

Within these confines, we created a brand story concept, weaving all the three elements which had to work together for authentic, credible, and cohesive story-telling. We used the circle shape for the sun, the meanings of the two Chinese characters to draw out the virtues of the earth (in producing the natural products) and the English name to show leadership in our client’s approach to this age-old industry. 

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