Branding “The New Africa”

There are many cities in Africa. Sun City. Heritage City. Another city – we did not want to be. We had to be a “world”. But more than that, we had to be Africa.

The New Africa.

And if you look closely enough at the brand name (and it is not a coincidence that our client’s name is W. Rich), you will discover a richness spelled out in the amazing beauty, warmth and hospitality that is Africa’s.

In the branding of this world that will forever change the landscape of Africa, Aago was the craftsman, chiseling the audience’s vision, to see “a world more precious than diamonds”.

Pitching to Investors through a Brand Story

In trying to attact capital, most of us just whip out our Powerpoint decks, punch out our list of products and services, growth expansion plans and attach an excel spreadsheet of our glowing past financial performance. In its pitch to prospective investors, our client, Williams Rich had to first sell Africa. Invest in “a part of history in the making” is the last few pages of a 22-page branded approach to pitching for investment.

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Architectural Design for Brochure Copyright © : Weian Lim (Singapore)