Securing the Brand of a Surveillance Leader

As an innovative leader in knowledge and artificial intelligence, this multi-award winning start-up is an expert in the art and science of surveillance in sectors as diverse as a property, health, media and the environment.

Aago scaled new heights to uncover the identity of this brand whose modesty belies the importance of the flag-bearing role it plays in “making the world a more secure place” for all of us.

Re-Positioning Challenge

In this re-branding exercise, the biggest challenges related to the new positioning which we projected in the proposed new brand logo. Whilst we were all agreed that the bright orange square flag represented the new leadership positioning in artificial intelligence (the flag post also references the sentry – how surveillance originally started), the client was, understandably, attached to their old logo with the chi χ character. After much deliberation and an impasse, our solution to a positioning issue was a creative one – and the answer can be found in the square of the logo (check if you can spot it!).