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Brand Story

Story-telling through Logo Symbolism

By April 9, 2012September 2nd, 2019No Comments


The cross embodies the Catholic virtues of faith, peace and love upon which Shelton founded its ethos. All the design elements of the logo meet at the heart of the cross, the center of all that guides Shelton and its value system.


The dove, symbolizing the Holy spirit, soaring high in the sky towards the centre of the cross, also communicates the accelerated learning at Shelton.


A book which spells knowledge shows Shelton as a centre for education.


The top ends of the three strokes form the steps of progression, where students literally advance in Shelton’s enriching learning and holistic environment.


The same three strokes also carve out two pathways (perceived in the negative spaces) representing the educational pathways offered by Shelton.


The vertical length of the cross is shaped by three bold strokes, inspired by the Roman columns of St. Peter’s Church. These pillars of strength from an architectural perspective, which has the viewer looking up, towards the cross and the dove in flight.


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