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Weaving a Brand Story from a Circle, TCMTrend, 慈 and 恒

By July 12, 2013September 2nd, 2019No Comments

Power of the Sun

The Sun, as the most potent symbol of energy, is the source of inspiration for our brand. This yang energy of the warmest gold, reflects the vibrancy that the universe can bring to our lives.

Goodness of the Earth

More than anything else, the sun’s light generously lends its gift to nourish life on the yin-earth. The brown earth is a gentle reminder to mankind to show mercy慈 to all lives on earth, including those of animals and plants and to bestow everlasting恒compassion as care-givers and as advocates of health and vigour.

Paving of a Trend

At TCMTrend, we humbly respect this “circle” of life balance and order that nature originally intended for us. And through our holistic approach in embracing traditional as well as the most current TCM principles, medicinal and psychological techniques, we will uphold a new way of invigorating a treatment practice which first took root 5,000 years ago.

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