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Invest in “a part of history in the making”

By November 26, 2010September 2nd, 2019No Comments

“Africha World is a vision of epic proportions. Not only does it bring to life the rich cultural heritage of a seminal civilization, it has the potential to revive an entire continent economically and socially.

The market opportunity presented by this development project is two-fold.

Firstly, Africha World is set to become an international attraction with its world class golf resort, hotel and convention centre, entertainment complex and amusement park featuring top of the line amenities, priced affordably.

Secondly, Africha World will become home to 100,000 Ghanaians and international residents who are expected to pour in, thanks to various positive external factors including the recent discovery of oil in Ghana.

Industry sources indicate that Ghana’s current residential property demand is 90,000 units per annum, with an accumulated shortfall of 250,000 housing units. Africha World will play a vital role in filling this significant gap. In addition, the investment climate in Ghana provides political stability, economic growth and a regulatory environment that welcomes international investment.

For the financial savvy investor, Africha World is a sound investment opportunity that promises great returns. For the socially conscious investor, it is your way of impacting the lives of millions.

For the rest of us who believe that we can shape our history by leaving our indelible mark, Africha World is that mark of legacy. Accept this opportunity to be a part of history in the making.”

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