Giving Artists a Face and a Space

Led by four creative techno-savvy guys who blazed into the start-up scene beating a record-setting 285 teams and 945 participants to win Start-Up@Singapore 2008, a world class university business plan competition, Phokki had already been creating cutting-edge digital photo artwork for customers and changing them into pink-haired Manga comic characters, heroic Spartans or gallant Transformers defending earth!

Aago’s marketing challenge was to recruit artists online, to bring supply and demand together, on to Phokki’s innovative online platform. We crafted a simple message. Phokki was going to give “ a face and a space to artists”.

The result: hundreds of artists recruited in record time from Singapore to Stockholm to San Francisco. Aago’s brushwork was bold in helping our client to create the world’s first online artist market for customized digital work.

Framing a Digital Artwork Brand

Re-branding of Phokki was premised on Phokki’s unique value proposition as a neutral online platform with the largest number of artists for the trading of customized digital artwork. Whether it is artwork, animation or videos, everything starts off with a frame – a blank canvas that is, to show off the varied work of Phokki’s 3,000 artists.

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