Aligning A&G to the times

At a time when most Asian companies treaded into and traded with Africa only through faxes and email, Gomes and Acouetey brought Africa to Asia. Whether you call them envoys or evangelists, these visionaries wanted to effect transformation of the African business economies.

They  founded the A&G Group which led the first-ever Africa-South East Asia (AfricaSEAC) Business Forum in Singapore in April 2010 with 100 Africans and 100 Asians of the most prominent businessmen, bankers and statesmen from the two continents.

In 2012, their vision in taking the first embryonic but critical steps in forging African and Asian business ties bore success with the formation of the all-new Africa-South East Asia Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

As the formidable, inseparable A&G pair, Gomes and Acouetey are as much at home in their native Africa as they are in Asia, a commercially bustling region they had identified as having a pivotal role to play in helping to accelerate the growth of Africa’s businesses.

Now, even tried and tested friendships could do with a little help and in this case, three is not a crowd. Aago’s assistance in aligning the A&G brand to the times resulted in a much refreshed A&G, ready to take on today’s Asia!